11. März 2018
Women and men from Afghanistan, Kosovo, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Dominican Republic and Portugal came together on Saturday, the 10th of March to discuss how fairy tales affect our thoughts and attitudes towards the roles of women and men in the society. It was agreed that: if all factors were equal, women are very much capable of helping themselves. culture, religion, family, mass media and politics define the roles of women and men in the society....

11. März 2018
The City of Cologne celebrated the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY on March 9, 2018 with the theme "100 Years of women suffrage - let's us make more out of it!" Mayor Henriette Reker invited Cologne's residents to an open house event with workshops, a "market of possibilities" and two exhibits. The event took place at Cologne's townhall. The entrace was free. Babaylan Germany, founded and led by Marilou Hardillo-Werning took the invitation and joined the celebrations.

08. März 2018
ROSE CARE A project to help the poor children in the rurals of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro ROSE CARE was founded by Judy Jover. It is an initiative that focuses on helping the poor children in the rurals of Occidental Mindoro. Their main concern are the children of Mangyans, the indigenous tribe of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. Judy Jover is committed to support their basic needs, such as education and health. She wishes to increase their chances of having a brighter future. The soft-spoken...

14. Februar 2018
Part of the proceeds of Tanglaw's Women's Day will be donated to the Philippine Independence Day Foundation and women's skills training on leadership and entrepreneurship.

Events · 10. Februar 2018
OVERCOMING GENDER INEQUALITY THROUGH BOTTOM-UP GENDER-AWARENESS TRAININGS The subordination of women in the society cannot and has not been eradicated by political and legal means alone. Securing the vote and legal equality has not produced an equal societal status for women. In order to achieve this equality other strategies must be employed. Changing this status and overcoming gender inequalities therefore should be the rallying point for feminist groups. Consequently, the first step to be...

Lecture · 27. November 2017
Bending without Breaking - Book Launching

Events · 03. November 2017
On October 19-22, 2017, Babaylan celebrated her 25th year anniversary by holding a conference and consultation night, in Rotter- dam, The Netherlands. With over 60 attendees from 8 out of its 10 member countries, network members and officers from platform organizations in Den- mark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland touched bases with each other under the theme of BUILDING WOMEN’S CAPACITY IN RESPONSE TO GLOBAL CHALLENGES.