Gender Stereotypes in Fairy tales

Women and men from Afghanistan, Kosovo, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Dominican Republic and Portugal came together on Saturday, the 10th of March to discuss how fairy tales affect our thoughts and attitudes towards the roles of women and men in the society.


It was agreed that:

  • if all factors were equal, women are very much capable of helping themselves.
  • culture, religion, family, mass media and politics define the roles of women and men in the society.
  • women and men play different roles which are both significant to the society.
  • women like men are not either bad or good. The person's character is less black and white but rather more complicated than that.
  • fairy tales are part and parcel of our youth and that of our children. They should not be banned. However, parents should be aware that fairy tales may contain stereotypes which should be addressed when telling the story. Roles given to women and men do not necessary reflect reality.

The event was organized by Balikatan, information and support center for Filipinas, their families and friends.


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