Babaylan Celebrates her 25th Year

Like all other organizations which have been working towards their goals for more than two decades now, Babaylan the Philippine Women’s Network in Europe, met in May 2017 in Chur, Switzerland, to assess itself, discuss future actions and strategies to ad- dress recent issues affecting Philippine women in Europe. Representatives of eight of the 10 member countries came and renewed their commitment to continue the work began in Barcelona in 1992. 25 years of steadfast resolve to address women concerns in Europe is something to be proud. This achievement called for a grand celebration. It was also a welcome opportunity to take ac- count of developments which needed to be dealt with, which would guide the network in developing its future strategies. On October 19-22, 2017, Babaylan celebrated her

25th year anniversary by holding a conference and consultation night, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
With over 60 attendees from 8 out of its 10 member countries, network members and officers from platform organizations in Den- mark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland touched bases with each other under the theme of BUILDING WOMEN’S CAPACITY IN RESPONSE TO GLOBAL CHALLENGES. 

The first day welcomed the participants with a WELLNESS, BEAUTY AND HEALTH interlude at the Stay Okay hostel where the participants are billeted, by Marina Issler of Switzerland who treated and pol- ished their nails, while Wilma Zinsli, also of Switzerland spoiled the women with her soothing face and body massage. 


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Babaylan - Congratulatory Videos 2017

Photos by: Salome aan den Toom-Panoy, Leah Kleijn-Sanchez, Cristina Viloria, Marizel Rojas